Tracy Roberts, IL:

24k Silhouette Moisturize

This is the Best light weight facial moisturizer i have ever used! This product is absolutely amazing! I have been applying it going on my third week and it has changed my appearance of my skin to this incredible evened out beautiful appearance. It makes your make up look flawless and your skin so very soft. I have received many complements about my beautiful complexion on what I have done different to my skin that it looks so great! I said i found the fountain of youth Allegreesse 24 Karat skincare that is not only an amazing product, but high quality ingredients as well and it's a company who truly cares what they put in their products by eliminating all the bad stuff that shouldn't go on the face. i would give it 6 stars if I could! I have been 26 years in the beauty industry so I have tried everything out there so thank you Allegresse for caring about your consumers and what you put in your products I deeply appreciate it.

Marsha Nickerson Davis, GA:

24k Refining Facial serum

I bought the Refining Facial Serum, Eye Cream and Anti Aging Cream from Love It Buy It on E. Wonderful way to experience these amazing products.

Shanna Winters, NY:

24k Golden Touch Night

I love your night cream! I am in my late 30's and have hormonal breakouts and this cream is wonderful. I have improved texture, a clearer and brighter face, and fine lines and breakouts are gone. The best night cream I have ever tried that actually works.

Donna Morrison, CA:

24k Deep Foaming Cleansing Facial Gel

I absolutely love this cleanser! It's not too "foamy", and it feels fabulous on your face. It's a little pricey, but worth every cent

Amy Rogers, NJ:

24k Refining Facial Serum

Just used for the first time tonight, and I love it. I cleansed with the foaming gel, used the eye serum, then the face serum, then applied the night cream. My face feels amazing and very smooth. I think it's just me, but my face already looks better. I hope with time it will continue to look better. I'm not a vain person, but I work with the public and do try to keep myself looking as good as I can. I highly recommend these products. Give them a try, I think you will be very happy!